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What is
Craniosacral Therapy?

Let me explain a little bit more...

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What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?
Based on Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST); what I practise is a broader, arguably even more profound therapy that listens to the needs of your whole system. Your system is seen as a whole, or a complete package consisting of all mental, physical, emotional, prenatal, karmic and ancestral aspects. You can regard this therapy as an art form of feeling/listening in and working with your bones, connective tissue, organs and brains to help realign all the above mentioned dimensions of your system.  It is a very gentle hand on and hands off approach that follows the subtle energetic signs that your system resonates, or the detection and facilitation of our inherent life force, which is felt as a subtle pulse, the cranial rhythmic impulse (CRI), in the cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the brain and spinal chord. Throughout our lives our bodies undergo a variety of physical and emotional stresses, which cause its tissues to contract. By sensing any congestion and disturbances in our CRI, I will place my hands and gently remind your body of its ability to release an (start to) heal itself.

What are the benefits?

By discharging and releasing any "stuck" or unprocessed emotions (often unconscious) you feel more grounded, lighter, free of old baggage and with a greater sense of self worth. Through softly and non-invasively opening blocked channels in your system, you may also benefit from physical relief in areas of your body that might have been unwillingly carrying extra tension. Because craniosacral therapy is so gentle it is suitable for those of all ages from the very young to the elderly. It can be of benefit to those with fragile and acutely painful conditions and may often be appropriate where other therapies are contraindicated, e.g. after an operation or accident. It has good results with chronic long term-pain and limited mobility caused by severe accidents and surgery. Craniosacral therapy may ease conditions throughout pregnancy and childbirth and is popular in the treatment of newborn children especially if the birth has been traumatic. Craniosacral therapy is commonly used in the treatment of neck and back pain, migraines, neuralgia, chronic fatigue and stress and tension related difficulties. It may also be used for, post traumatic stress disorder, autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorder, learning difficulties and stroke and post-operative rehabilitation.

What happens in a session?

A session takes around 60-75 minutes and I encourage you to consider beforehand what your intention is for the session; what areas in your system do you feel you want to target or work on?  In a peaceful and indoor cosy setting we will briefly chat about what you hope to achieve and what brings you here on a deeper level. You will then lie down, fully clothed in something comfortable, on the massage table where I will usually begin from a short distance away from your feet. Through listening to your system I will then gradually work my way up your body; zooming in on areas that are "calling" for comfort and release. Depending on your body's sensitivity I may place my hand or otherwise, work hands-off. The true art is for me to work with total integrity towards your system and it's needs. Most often I will finish by working on your cranium (your head - oh, it has so many bones and often stuck traumas and misalignment!) to gently create more space for your brain and ultimately open up and release tension. I will then finish back at your feet to integrate the energy stream throughout your whole system. The treatment is often experienced as deeply relaxing and you may become aware of heat, tingling, pulsations or other sensations within your body. Ultimately you will leave feeling more grounded and connected with your true self. After taking your time to get up we will chat how the session was with a cup of tea.

What should you be aware of before a session?

Apart from considering what your intentions are for your energetic session I recommend not drinking any coffee or alcohol in the 12 hours prior to your visit. As Biodynamic CST is such a hugely sensitive therapy, such substances may influence your system and thus reduce the purity of the effects of my work. 

What should you be aware of afterwards?

You may feel something, you also may not; however prepare to be extra soft and kind to yourself; ideally not driving home yourself and I again recommend staying off coffee and alcohol for another 12 hours. 

My training and background in this work

In 1999 I had a jet-ski accident in Dubai where I was almost paralysed. Upon my return back to England at the time, my mother thankfully took me to a Craniosacral Therapist who could so softly and gradually realign my head, neck and whole body. Since then I have sworn by the profound magic of what CST can do for you. Specifically on a subtle, non-invasive level which is all that my body could handle at that time. Since then I have progressively eased my injuries and maintained a healthy system through regular visits to suitable CSTs.
In 2013 I took my first Yoga and Energetics training with Cat Kabira followed by my Level 1 in CST. Partly due to my growing passion and intrigue of the healing I experienced on both physical and emotional levels, I have continued to work with Cat since then; slowly broadening and deepening my own healing practice on others, mainly through teaching yoga.  It is especially during my Healing Yin classes (now you know why I gave it that name!) that I really feel I can help my students on a more profound level. So, here I am now with 3 trainings in Bali under my belt, the last one being 100% focussed on Biodynamic CST.

Booking a session

Please book your session by calling me, sending me a message/email.

Do feel free to email or call me if you would like any more information or just want a chat to get a better feeling if this is for you:-)


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